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Resto Fleg

Don't hesitate to ask Resto Fleg to contact 123 Cacher.
Address :
8, bis rue de l'Eperon
75006 Paris
Telephone :

Kind of restaurant : Meat
Kashrut certification : Kosher Beth Din

Kosher restaurants in Paris 6
Other kosher restaurants : bagel, chabbas-meals, hamburger, japanese, salad, sandwiches
Resto Fleg restaurant reviews
Mmegourmet - February 15, 2016, 2:42 pm
A bit of pleasure for lunch, sure you're not in a 5 stars Hotel but it's a dream to eat casher and eat tasty as well in the 6th district of Paris. I really enjoy the tuna sandwich or the salmon bagel or the shnitsel.
Go ahead and think about me when you're eating
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