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Guest Neuilly
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Guest Neuilly

Address :
4, avenue de Madrid
92200 Neuilly sur Seine
Telephone :
Website :

Kind of restaurant : Meat
Kashrut certification : Kosher Beth Din
Cuisine : Chabbas meals, Couscous, French, Oriental, Pizza, Salad, Sandwiches
Updated on September 26, 2016, 3:25 pm
Guest Neuilly

Guest star : gourmet break sitting in Neuilly

Paris, gastronomy’s capital, will continue to awaken our taste buds, by honoring this restaurant/bakery: guest star. Located4 avenue de Madrid, this little jewel cannot go unnoticed. Indeed, as the name suggest, guest has everything from a star: a royal decoration with gold and coffee colors, a modern and chic design, sumptuous and magical environment, that will take you , in your tasting time, in another world.
In guest, it is the customers who are putting under the spotlight, and treated like stars.

Kosher high gastronomy’s pastry

The fact to watch “best pastry on tv” all the times, It begin to make us to fantasize before the fabulous cakes and other delicacies. but Guest has the power to realize your dreams. With an uncommon expertise, Guest takes us elsewhere. Original and creative sweets, with attractive colors, a range of exquisite pastries, desserts or classic revisited, healthy food ... all the ingredients are present for an escaping moment. For your lunch break, Guest have a lot of solutions for eating on the run and remaining classy by concocting toasted sandwich, salad, sushi, and daily specials.

For Shabbat, Guest delights you!

Lack of time to prepare Shabbat, or just want to escape? Guest accomplishes for you a wide selection of oriental salads, traditionalists and halots dishes with unique taste, without forgetting its famous pastries. Guest offers a delicious and generous menu at a very attractive price for a refined Shabbat.

This blend of refinement, comfort, chic, and class, it is found only at GUEST STAR.

Guest star is a kosher restaurant under the supervision of the Beth Din of Paris.

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