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Say 123 Cacher and Darjeeling offers you 1 coffee !

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Sunday 12h00 - 14h45 19h00 - 22h45
Monday 12h00 - 14h45 19h00 - 22h45
Tuesday 12h00 - 14h45 19h00 - 22h45
Wednesday 12h00 - 14h45 19h00 - 22h45
Thursday 12h00 - 14h45 19h00 - 22h45
Friday 12h00 - 13h30 Closed
Saturday Closed
Address :
1, rue des Colonels Renard
75017 Paris
Telephone :
Website :

Kind of restaurant : Meat
Kashrut certification : Kosher Rav Rottenberg
Cuisine : Indian
Lunch menus
"Trans-Indian Express" Menus, only for lunch, except week-end and holidays. Dishes are not editable
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code 212
Byriani Menu
Chicken Biryani or Chicken Chaw Chaw Darjeeling
Coffee or tea
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code 213
Chicken Curried menu
Chicken Curried Masala
Sabsi Pilaf (rice with vegetables)
One naan (indian bread with tandoori)
Coffee or tea
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code 214
Tandoori of chicken menu
Chicken Murgh Peshawai (chickens legs with tandoori)
Sabzi Pilaf (rice with vegetables)
Naan (Indian bread with Tandoori)
Coffee or tea
Only dishes with a * are free for delivery.