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Dan's Bagels 14e

Don't hesitate to ask Dan's Bagels 14e to contact 123 Cacher.
Address :
3, rue Friant
75014 Paris
Telephone :

Kind of restaurant : Meat
Kashrut certification : Kosher Beth Din

Kosher restaurants in Paris 14
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Dan's Bagels 14e restaurant reviews
Chlacor - October 24, 2012, 5:15 pm
It more than a sandwich shop it seems
It is tastfull, copious and very clean
it's hard to find a little kosher restaurant in this district
I finally found
my baggel very mellow, slightly warmed, full of cooked meats and crurawness assortments, with a little chive sauce, perfect.
Itook a formula with a choice of dessert, I chose the chocolate mousse, excellent.
also They have quiches and little dishes of the day.
I would return certainly
The staff is friendly, avaible and effective.
Everything is homemade
I would return to taste a quiche. As soon as it is cold, the head cook soup.
goodbye and continue like this it's so scare
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