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Bozen Iéna

Don't hesitate to ask Bozen Iéna to contact 123 Cacher.
Address :
22, rue Freycinet
75116 Paris
Telephone :

Kind of restaurant : Meat
Kashrut certification : Kosher Beth Din

Kosher restaurants in Paris 16
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Bozen Iéna restaurant reviews
Aaron - January 15, 2018, 11:34 pm
At the top !
Ultra fresh products and especially delicious recipes! Finally a jap a bit original ..
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PilpelAdom - March 9, 2016, 1:42 pm
On Sunday, we ordered sushi in the Bozen Léna restaurant. On recieving the command i imediately called the restaurant to report that the avocado of the rainbow, ofthe egg tuna and of the egg salmon were completely rotten (I mean rotten and not blackened) and therefore inedible. The person who answered told me he couldn't do anything and that someone in charge would call me back. No one called me back yet. We threw all the sushi mentioned above. It is irrecevable that the quality can be so bad and for the second consecutive time. You may lose a lot of customers with this service and this quality
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