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reviews of Yoni2626 - 38 years - Male

Yoni2626 - May 6, 2016, 11:53 am
The worst restaurant where I could ever set foot, yesterday I order a hamburger, I taste the meat, this one was atrocious with a horrible smell.
Well educated, I don't say anything ... My girlfriend taste it and tell me there is really a problem. We're going to see the boss to pay, telling her nicely that there is a concern. the boss starts literally screaming at us by chucking us out from the restaurant, talking very badly.
Even the waiter was embarrassed and seemed to know that something went wrong in the kitchen ...
To top it off, I wake up this morning with an urticaria, probably due to an ingestion, I actually felt bad right after i left the restaurant.
The boss is awful and the welcome is pathetic, No one has never spoke to me like this in my life ... She deserves we would bring her health inspection.
An advice run away from this establishment
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