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reviews of YaelJoel - 50 years - Female

O'Woks 19
YaelJoel - August 19, 2016, 10:15 am
The rice that has been served was very dry. Not good according to my taste. When I told it to the manageress, she started to tell me a lesson: We don't say "it is not good", it is not polite, but "it doesn't please me". My turn to tell her that we do not talk like that to customers, and that the criticism was constructive etc ... and then she got into deeper water by saying: "You are class, on the outside .. . ". Obviously, this woman does not accept criticism. She even told me she had the best rice in Paris ! Lol! At the end, she spoiled my appetite and ruined me the evening! Yes, I didn't use the right term: the rice was inedible and she should change jobs!
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