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reviews of Titi67 - 43 years - Male

Le Petit Pelleport
Titi67 - September 7, 2007, 2:02 am
I'm from Strasbourg and i often travel in Paris because of my work.
At each of my travels, i taste kosher restaurants.
Sometimes it's a goos surprise, sometimes not.
The last week i was at Le Petit Pelleport, i thinked it was a classical restaurant of the 19th (noisy, slow...), and it was all the contrary!
The owner received us, proposed some specialties... I took the salmon tartar, more than delicious, then a tournedos rossini with fries, endives, and a fruits salad for desserts.
Meat was very good, as weel the tournedos as the foie gras on it.
My salad was really good, but when i saw the moelleux au chocolat, i regretted no to have taken it.
Prices are corrects for a restaurant like that, service is cool.
I'll keep a pleasant recollection of this restaurant, and i'll go again!
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