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reviews of Smo - 28 years - Female

Smo - August 19, 2016, 11:08 am
1 star but it is not even worth it !
Awful service, two fishmongers who speak very bad.
They open kosher restaurants to take money of Jewish tourists that are passing by, but not only they serve you shit they also insult and humiliate you in front of the whole restaurant.
If you are 9 at the table and you take only 5 desserts expect that they'll make you notice it !!! In my entire life I have never seen it anywhere ! It is a shame. It is an insult for the real kosher restaurants. As for the "shomer" who serve you the wine, a little insolent of 13 years old. Any service. The team is a shit. It's not the way you do buisness, it is not by speaking badly and by serving shit to its clients.
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