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reviews of MorgoTb - 20 years - Female

O'Woks 11
MorgoTb - June 16, 2017, 3:16 pm
I was very disappointed with my first order on delivery at Owoks 11th, although I used to order at Owoks 19th but being in my workplace the 11th was closer. So I order 1 lunch menu, with chicken noodles, california and 1 Ice Tea. So I found the california very rude there was more rice than anything else, you do me golden it's normal but I assure you it was not normal! Let's talk about noodles, they were white! Yes white !!! Not a drop of sauce! Normally they should be marooned a minimum !!! How to say .... there is that ice tea that was going to be very cool !!! Level command on my say 1h, the deliveryman arrived after 50mins, on his nothing to say level delivery time is the time. I order 1 times the bottom, and well it is beautiful and well last time
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