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reviews of Miami - 37 years - Female

Studio 117
Miami - January 5, 2015, 10:46 pm
It's not a starred restaurant, but it's not for the food quality. Pizzas and pasta are just excellent, very tasty!! There is nothing to say about it, 5/5. On the other hand, I think that pizzas are made for children, because I think that I could eat 3 pizzas, while, when I go to an other restaurant, I can't finished it. The size is normal but the dought is too thin and so tasty, it's very pity because we are not satisfied at all. Moreover the price is a little bit expensive.
It's too bad because I'm living not far from the restaurant, and if it wouldn't be so expensive, i will often go to this restaurant.
The boss... to consider ! You could have so much more customers ! Bravo for this great taste, just for that I recommend without any hesitation. You really have to try it at least once !!
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