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reviews of JackouyK - 24 years - Male

JackouyK - July 31, 2012, 8:10 pm
a restaurant which I don't advice to any of my enemies so the hour which I spend ther was the the worst of my life !!
ready to read me?!

1 we are 3 and we arrive fron of the boss: " no no no !!! go out go out we are full!!!" The room was
empty and only 3 or 4 persons was sitting in the room of the RDC. A table isn't reserved. The boss doesn't apologize and then we can command.

2 For my part I order a thais salad with minced chicken, result: the only goog and edible thing inside was the 4 mint leaves. En efect, there isn't any chicken, the vegetables and the sauce was simply disgusting !!!! Then came my california which was good but have nothing frightening either...
Oh! I forgot, I wanted noodles of salomon (which are in the menu) but without vegetable, which shouldn't pose any problem to a good cook. Bu the waitress answer to me half french half japanese that it's imposible because the head doesn't want... So I canceled.

3 When I have to pay my share, the boss' woman wants m to pay the noodles that I haven't eat ant made me a scene because it's ashamed of me!!

And finally 4 the prices are overpriced for the portion served. At SushiWest we eat better for less money and we are better welcoming!!!

conclusion: my 2 friends ate kebabs, those salomons were edible but very small so he was hungry after and those chicken was inedible !!!!
If it wasn't a kasher restaurant, we would be left without pay... In the end we went out and we ate at Mezzo di pasta on the thumb to stall before returning work We had better go to Sushi West !!!
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