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reviews of Crea11 - 32 years - Female

Café Eléphant - OZ
Crea11 - June 17, 2015, 12:35 pm
A restaurant which is a real shame to the Jewish community !!!
There are more than six months we have made a command that did not exceed their quota. Now we live in a five minute walk.
The boss we therefore add 3 euros without explanation, I call and it told me that he had to reach the minimum allowed! We no longer have to book with him until today when I wanted to give it a chance. So I order a salad and a drink that makes a total of 13 € and it tells me that he can not deliver for € 13 and it is shameful to order for € 13. Just before the boss told me that he has a delivery to the same place as my home. So I told him it did not bother him to deliver for € 13. But he is adamant and said he did not betray me and doing it 16 years he did that he used. I wonder how can you it odious beings with customers! There should be a more welcoming restaurant has a place rather than a snack ridiculous!
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