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reviews of Capopik - 41 years - Male

Café Eléphant - OZ
Capopik - March 20, 2013, 11:20 am
On june, the garden is full, we arrived at 12 a.m in order to be on time.
The service is slow but it's tasty, so it's not so bad.
The boss came to us and ask us if we can pay because there was people who were waiting for a table, we answere him that we wanted a dessert.
They served us our dessert and he told us still that we had to pay, my colleague prefered to take a coffee at work.
It was shamed, the restaurant doesn't make snack prices, and even in a snack they don't let us go out like this.
Brief, I gave them a last chance, and I wan't disappointed.
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Le New's
Capopik - March 19, 2013, 2:58 pm
Very tasty. But the waiter was not very well. We went with my wife and my 2 daughters. The older loved his salmon pasta, he came to take my plate. He stand up in front my daughter and told her that if she eats all the plate she will explode and it will take all day long. We are sunday, 12h30, 3 customers, so any emergency. He came back 15 minutes latter to take my wife and my young daughter plate, he wanted once again to take my older daughter plate but she was eaten, and he asked us if we want a desert. We answered that we wanted to wait for my daughter and we have our every time.
As soon as she has finished, we had finished too. Desert/coffee no thanks, I don't want when we push out me
We will not return, it's shame because pizzas and pasta were very tasty.
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