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reviews of BradPitt - 28 years - Male

La Marina Sarcelles
BradPitt - May 14, 2012, 10:54 pm
La Marina of Sarcelles, wonderful kosher restauran (Beth Din of Paris).
This restaurant is both luxurious and very cheap! The pizzas are 5.90 euros to go! There is a huge free parking in front of Resyaurant! The map of the restaurant is quite large. There are complete fish, sushi, entrees, salads, pastries, pastas, gratins, panini, burger dishes, pizzas, pizza must, the savory crepes, omelettes, pannichettas, the entries tune, the map Jap, desserts, beverages, alcohol, etc.. I have never seen such a beautiful card anywhere else in the world! In fact they come from everywhere to come and eat at La Marina Teal. The service is very fast, especially with Jordan the best server in Europe. Like what the value is not the number of years! You must come eat absolutely splendid in this bustling restaurant in the most beautiful place Teal some 150 meters from the main synagogue of Sarcelles. I go there to eat lunch or dinner four or five times a week.
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