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reviews of Bonnebouffe - 23 years - Female

Cosy Fresh
Bonnebouffe - November 15, 2014, 9:25 pm
Shameful! We were eating at a fresh three cozy, three 18 year olds. We moved after 20 minutes easy without calculating us, it brings us the map but the boss invites us to view the images at the same time flat on his laptop. Actually it's very appetizing but all those pictures we see all the dishes are not on the map. It is therefore preferred to choose noodles on the map and are a 9th. The boss advises us to take the spaghetti chicken crunch because "I tell you it's disgusting chicken crunch, take those tuna is fat faith in the mouth" no problem I take those tuna and my friend take them to the calf. It takes more than one input tray. The Last of Us 3 takes a hamburger so called "sublime burger" to include bacon and a lot of stuff "sublime." Finally comes the hamburger is just a hamburger with tomato pickle and onion bread. The addition comes out 90th for 3 drinks without adding to dishes that I just mentioned. One would have to ask the price that is true but how suspect that would be a tuna noodle 19th ONE while those chicken are a 9th ?? How can we imagine that the plate is a 30th ??? The boss would never dare do that to adults and reflecting more closely is that the police should have done come! A shame and theft for 3 young still struggling to get a restaurant from time to time!
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