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reviews of Ayil - 44 years - Male

American Sushi
Ayil - April 8, 2018, 4:42 am
Huge disappointment during passover
We are told that the restaurant is open ... yes but what do not say this share of restaurant to which I have been faithful for 2 years is not only that for the same tartar rice he increased his priox during PESSAH but that 'In addition it serves you a 'steak fries '... poor tray that arrives cold with two malty steak and frozen fries barely cooked ... all for 18 ???
But who are we laughing at ???
For me it's over AMERICAN SUSHI

When I pay almost 300 every month I have the right not to lie on prices - and this is not the first time - but also that we do not take me for a stupid with a poor tray for 18 !!!
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Ayil - September 25, 2016, 4:46 pm
Extremely disappointing on all fronts
We've been treated like cattle at the entrance
One of the servers was literally making fun of us when he made us sit down on a table of 5 when we were 6
Exorbitant prices of dishes: 9 for a bruschetta
13.50 for a salmon pizza or 4 miserable pieces of salmon vying for attention
And the worst is the dessert: 4 euros for a tiny piece of strudel and 3 euros for extra chantilly cream !!!
Who are they kidding ???
A awful service with a tiny plastic bottle of water as a carafe ???
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Tib's Bayen
Ayil - October 21, 2012, 10:18 pm
Of course they have a large choice, but prices are shameful compared to the quantity.
17 a salmon tartar rice salad self styled giant. With so much salmon than in a single serving...

In more this trader rewritten the trade laws in France "we don't take cheques"
Why ?? cheques aren't a means of payment in France?
The head make his own law

For me, it's self important to don't go there anymore
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