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specials of kosher restaurants

Specials & offers

1 cup of wine for free with the pass REG

Menu from € 20
Specials & offers
Your Chabt at €15 !!
1 dish + 3 choices of kemia (you can see dish choices and kemia into the menu)
Special opening

Dizengoff in Saint-Mand้ is open till 3am all saturday nights

For your birthday, Il Palazzo Saint Michel offers:
From 30 people, groups on the 1st floor
between € 25 and € 35 per people
Birthday cake: € 5 euros the pieces

Specials & offers
A royale kir for free for 123Cacher's members

L'aquarium celebrate your birthday :
1 main course (to choose on all the menu) + unlimited drinks + birthday cake for only € 17 per people (on reservation)
Specials & offers
Unique in Paris, unlimited Menu: Sushi + Pizza + Pasta = € 19.90 (Only on site per people)

Special Family Menu: 2 Family pizzas bought = 4 drinks for free

Special Take away menu: Pizza for € 6.90
Special opening
Watch all sport events on screen tv at Milk's
L'aquarium Saint Brice
Specials & offers

In delivery:
- 4 pizza marguerita + 4 soft drinks = € 29.90
- 2 japanese plate = 1 Avito or Rebecana for free
Special opening
Aquarium is open on saturday night motse chabbas to 2am
L'Int้ Caffe
Special opening

Watch all sport events on screen tv at L'int้ Caff้
Le Kikar
Specials & offers

Breakbast menu: coffee - croissant - orange juive : € 7
Pizza Fino 17e
Specials & offers

• Our specialty: pizza of 50 cm 4 ingredients for € 20
• 1 bottle for free to take away from €30 and €50 in delivery
• 10 pizzas for €8.50 to take away
Resto Fleg
Specials & offers

To profit from the student tariffs, do not hesitate to adhere to the center, for 35 euros the year.
Sponsor a friend and the Center offers a hamburger to you!
Specials & offers

All monday, 1 pizza = 1 for free (for dinner to go with)
Urban Sushi

Urban Sushi makes your birthday and delivers you at home
Specials & offers
20% off with the pass US20 from €25 of order (only for dinner)