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Specials & offers in kosher restaurants

Dav and Jo, Maison Guichui
Specials & offers

Your Chabt at 15 !!
1 dish + 3 choices of kemia (you can see dish choices and kemia into the menu)
Djohi's Bagels
Specials & offers

4 girls on the spot = 1 bottle of wine for free
Specials & offers

A royale kir for free for 123Cacher's members
L'aquarium by Le Milk
Specials & offers

Unique in Paris, unlimited Menu: Sushi + Pizza + Pasta = 19.90 (Only on site per people)

Special Family Menu: 2 Family pizzas bought = 4 drinks for free

Special Take away menu: Pizza for 6.90
Pizza Fino 17e
Specials & offers

Our specialty: pizza of 50 cm 4 ingredients for 20
1 bottle for free to take away from 30 and 50 in delivery
10 pizzas for 8.50 to take away
Rest'O K Fleg
Specials & offers

To profit from the student tariffs, do not hesitate to adhere to the center, for 35 euros the year.
Sponsor a friend and the Center offers a hamburger to you!
Specials & offers
1 california or 1 dessert for free with the pass 123 (during july)
The Rotisserie
Specials & offers

1 roast chicken (1,5 kg)
Sid dish for 4 people:
Rice with saffron
Green beans
Spaghetti/ Penne
6 chabbas salads (among 10 kemias)
2 Halot
1 bottle of wine
Urban Sushi
Specials & offers

-10% in delivery with the pass 123Cacher