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Birthday in kosher restaurants

Menu from 20

For your birthday, Il Palazzo Saint Michel offers:
From 30 people, groups on the 1st floor
between 25 and 35 per people
Birthday cake: 5 euros the pieces


L'aquarium celebrate your birthday :
1 main course (to choose on all the menu) + unlimited drinks + birthday cake for only 17 per people (on reservation)

For birthdays, a special menu from 10 people: main course+cake+soft drink for 26

For all your events (birthday...), from 15 to 45 people, a menu at 20 euros/people including:
- 3 starters
- 3 dishes
- 1 dessert
- soft drinks included

You can have an musical entertainment with a singer. Contact us for more information.
Urban Sushi

Urban Sushi makes your birthday and delivers you at home