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123 cacher - kosher restaurants guide

123 Cacher is the first gate of kosher restaurants in France. Following a survey undertaken by specialists of Internet and communication, it was underlined that many people eat kosher food, but don't know addresses of kosher restaurants situated near their work, or in other towns when they are traveling.

This is way we decided to offer to you a kosher restaurants directory, including multiple advantages : you will be able to see in a few seconds the address and phone number of any restaurant, its complete menu, its photos, a brief description text, etc.

With the service of the jewish community, 123 Cacher enables you to eat kosher food in all simplicity and, according to your convictions and the respect of your label, from the home delivery to the eating on the spot, milk or meat... we count 5 certifications : the Beth Din of Paris (the most popular), Chabad - Lubavitch (Glatt Kosher), Chaare Shalom Ve Tsedek, Rav Rottenberg, and Lamehadrin (under the supervision of Rav Katz, the most religious label).

Bon appetit !