Rav Rottenberg - Kashrut and control

Rav Rottenberg came in France in 1964 to take management of orthodox community of rue Pavée in Paris.

A tall and nice synagogue with a small community, principaly made by old people, this was the situation when he arrived. A lot of people tried to dissuade him to take care of this boat to the drift. they did not know who was the captain!

An untameable energy and a perseverance were the first characteristics of Rav Rottenberg. Beyond liturgy, celebration of marriages and organization of the funerary rites, Rav Rottenberg gradually set up all the institutions and all the services which a community must provide: a demolition of meat (in spite of the opposition of the Consistory which wanted to preserve a monopoly), a ritual bath, a yechiva, a school, a strong social assistance. PeDuring every year of installation, Rav Rottenberg took care of all, controlled all, astonishing synthesis between an absolute dictatorship and a broad-mindedness giving to each one faculty to deploy its own initiative.