Lemehadrin Kosher - Kashrut and Control

Generally, Lemehadrin Kosher is said for something kosher over all other certifications and apart from any discussion between decision makers. Indeed, some foodstuffs are prone to discussions, and if they were considered Kosher according to the halakha, either by the principle of the majority of the decision makers because it is only a "derabbanane" problem, it will not be considered lemehadrin since some decision makers consider it is not Kosher. This product is allowed to be eaten et will receive a Kosher label, but those who are said to be mehadrine, those which seek to practise the mitsvot in a more rigorous way will abstain from eating such a product.

Two examples :

1) Consumption of dairy products containing goy milk not supervised is allowed by many decision makers, since we are sure it is either cow milk or ewe milk, but a dairy product mehadrine will contain only milk of Israel or supervised since its draft.

2) Confectioneries or other food containing gelatine, made from non-kosher animals, are although considered Kosher by a part of decision makers, because these bones, after being after being reduced to the inedible powder state just as it is, lost the "food title"; but a lot of other decision makers think it is forbidden "miderabbanane".

Of course, in practice, most important is to make sure that the rabbinical authority which ensures Kosher of a product is worthy of faith.
Our wise stresses the importance of the cacheroute by announcing that consumption of non Kosher food "make stupid" the hear.