Beth-Din Kosher

Most of Kosher restaurants are under the control of Beth Din, which guarantees french Cacherout. The monitoring system of Cacherout implies the presence of a ritual personnel in many places:
  • cho'hatim (sacrificators) and machgui'him (supervisors) when the demolition of animals
  • supervisors (chomerim) in restaurants.

Only the orange sign certifies the guarantee of Beth Din of Paris:

Kashrut domains are:
Caution: It is necessary to make the difference between Kosher and made Kosher.

Kosher : a food which corresponds to the standards of the halakha (the Jewish law)
Made Kosher : action of withdrawing the blood of meat by process of salting or netting
Calf for example is Kosher, but it will be consumed only when it is Koshered.